Answers to FAQs & Important things to note:

Uses & Tips:

Use daily during yoga classes, meditation, Reiki sessions, massages, on pillow before sleep, in your car or on your body as an everday perfume.

We suggest you spray a mist cloud above your head, all around and in front of you. Do not spray on a small area directly on the skin. Instead, let the cloud of Reiki, essential oil and crystal energies encompass you. Use 4 to 6 good sprays. Allow the essence of the blend to travel down through your Aura and energy body, land on your skin & align with your intention from head to toe. The full aromatics of each blend shine through best when applied this way.

They are also wonderful to help calm and soothe our furry friends. Root Down #1,  Relax Yin & Sacred Sidekick blends are great for reducing pet anxiety due to fireworks, lightning & thunder or even the vacuum! 

Essential oils are natural and strong; please use with caution. Keep out of eyes. External use only. Keep away from small children. 

**Keep bottles out of direct sunlight/heat or freezing conditions** 

Each spray contains a piece of the Crystal used in its own unique Elixir. Place the bottle under the light of a New or Full Moon to keep the Crystal Elixir charged up!

Methods of use:

Work & balance the Chakras one by one: start with Root Down #1 all the way up to Transmutation #7.

Another approach is to focus on a specific Intention and combine the Chakras: ex: Relax Yin to balance out Chakras 1, 2 & 3 while grounding & relieving stress or work with Svadisthana Chakra #2 blend - Stability while engaging your higher sense self trust & knowing  through Ajna Chakra #6 blend - Intuition.

Check out blend combination ideas on our page "Chakra Sets".
Lastly, our favorite method ... follow your folly ... allow your Higher wisdom to guide you through the blends and the Chakras. Let your innate inner wisdom, Sahaja, guide you to which blend serves you best.

A note on ordering & shipping:

Please consider your availability and the climate you live in. Our products do not contain preservatives. We offer the best of ingredients in their purest form. Considering this, please be mindful that you are available to receive the shipment. Do not allow the products to sit out in the extreme heat or cold for long periods of time; this will destroy the delicate ingredients and the product.


Listed benefits of essential oils and crystal elixirs are based on spiritual & metaphysical practice and research. We are not physicians and are not licensed to treat (severe) illnesses. Our products are meant to serve and support you on your path; not to be a miracle cure for any malady: physical, spiritual or mental.

If you experience any irritations please discontinue use immediately. In purchasing our products you are assuming full responsibility; Sacred Space is not liable for any adverse effects. 

Blends that contain Citrus EO: Stability, Balance & Radiate, Sahaja, Protection & Release, Bhakti, Prosperity, Mat Cleaner.

Products that contain Lavender EO: Healing Creme Palo Santo blend, Sacred Sidekick, Sahaja, Facial Tonic.