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New review of Sacred Space products!!

"5 Stars! I've been using Sacred Space products for a few years now and have loved them ALL! I use the Root Chakra spray during times of stress when I need a little grounding boost. I have every intention spray and use them for various occasions and intentions. They are infused with crystals which enhances their healing abilities. I use the Intuition spray during meditation or when seeking guidance that I can't quite hear. I've purchased many of these sprays for friends with specific intentions in mind- what a wonderful way to give a personalize gift to someone you love! My favorite of all is the facial tonic; I use it every day with my moisturize or on its own when I need to freshen up. I cannot recommend the Sacred Space products enough. They are made with healing intention and love, they're affordable, and they're divine!"   - Karen S.  Vail, CO

"These essential oils are powerful tools to support us in the healing process. I can feel an immediate energetic shift after applying the essential oils, and have appreciated the ability for Micahla to deliver a relevant mix that supports me where I need."  - Cheryl Deer, Yoga Teacher + Human, Denver, CO

"Sacred Space Chakra & Intention Sprays have been an amazing addition to our retail space at The Yoga Mat. Students and teachers alike are raving about the quality and how much they enhance their practice and overall well-being."  - Erin Hardy, Owner + Teacher + Human, The Yoga Mat, Denver, CO

"i've seen the care and thoughtfulness that goes into making Sacred Space products and it definitely shows through in every aspect. I love that each spray is connected to specific Chakras and that you are able to use them in a way that strengthens your intention or meditation for each day. They are lovely and unique!"   - Jackie U. Student + Human, Denver, CO

"I love Sacred Space Essential Oil products. I have a hard time choosing which scent I will use each day! They all smell so fresh and amazing! I use them as my perfume, room spray and as aromatherapy to close my yoga classes."  - Kristen U. Teacher + Student + Human, Denver, CO